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Fit After 40's

Learn to get Fit without Gym, without Heavy Workout & without Calorie counting!

In just 5 days With YogaSlim

Say No to Heavy workouts and strict diets which does not work for You!
If You are ready to burn 100-500 Calories & 50-200 grams Weight per day in just 40 minutes with me, I will Help You to achieve more Healthier & more Flexible in just 5 days.
Varsha Anthony - Weight Loss Coach
Varsha Anthony
– Yoga Siromani
& Nutritionist

YogaSlim - Your Yoga & Wellness Journey

5 Day Whatsapp Class

Experience the magic of Slimming Yoga tailored for your age and needs, combining gentle exercises with powerful results.
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YogaSlim - Your Yoga & Wellness Journey

5 Days Whatsapp Class

As a part of this program, you will receive:

5 Days of hand holding on WhatsApp Group

Result Oriented, Tried & Tasted Meal Plan

Detox Recipes

5 Days Slimming Yoga, 40 minutes batch, on Zoom

Learn techniques to Calm Mind & Body

Ready to Witness the Power of This Mind-Body Fitness Revolution?

Follow this & see Amazing results on your Body & Mind

Noticeable Weight Loss & Inch loss

Reversal of PCOS/PCOD, Thyroid & Menopause Symptoms

Boosted Immunity against Infections

Increased Flexibility, Reduced Pain

Glowing Skin, Lasting Energy

Sharper & Calm Mind, Unshakable Confidence

Elevated Life, Stronger Relationships

Peek Inside the 5-Day YogaSlim - Your Journey to Yoga & Wellness

WhatsApp Class Intensive: Your Ultimate Learning!

Varsha Anthony - Yoga Slim Program

Day 1

Elevate your Fitness and Inner Harmony through Yogaslim
Healthy Food Swaps List

Varsha Anthony - Yoga Slim Program

Day 2

Unlock Vitality: Experience YogaSlim's Synergy of Yoga and Weight Management!
Healthy, Simple & Easy Diet Plan with Recipe

Healthy Detox Recipe by Vibrant Varsha

Day 3

Empower Your Body and Soul with YogaSlim: Redefine Your Wellness Journey!
Healthy Detox Recipes for Acidity, Indigestion & Gases

Healthy Diet Food Recipes

Day 4

YogaSlim Mastery: Sculpt, Tone, and Radiate Wellness via YogaSlim
3 Secrets for Simple & Easy Diet Recipes

Varsha Anthony - Yoga Slim Program

Day 5

Awaken Your Ultimate Potential: YogaSlim Your Way to a Healthier You!
5 minutes Powerful Breathwork techniques – To manage Anxiety, Stress, Depression Effectively.

The majority of Ladies encounter three significant challenges when attempting to achieve their fitness objectives.

What's holding you back?

Challenge #1

Time: The majority of weight loss programs require extensive, tiring sessions at the gym, Opt instead for a quick, lively 40-minute daily session, which will keep you whole day fresh & energetic.

Challenge #2

Diet: I provide you Effortless recipes, quick prep, and mouthwatering homemade goodness. But here’s the kicker – these aren’t just about health and flavor. They’re the key to a lifelong, vibrant you.

Challenge #3

Consistency: Unlock the secret to overcoming challenges and reaching your goals: Consistency. Our powerful sessions will not only keep you motivated but also energized, driving you towards success with unwavering determination.

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What Our Clients Say...

Varsha Anthony - Weight Loss Coach

Who is 'Varsha Anthony'?

Hello everyone!

I am Varsha Anthony, and I am incredibly passionate about Health & Fitness.

Over the years, I have accumulated a diverse set of skills and certifications, including being a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Siromani, Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach, Entrepreneur, and Home Chef.

In 2001, I founded the Looks Fitness & Wellness Center, and since then, I have been on a mission to promote health and wellness in people’s lives.

In addition to my physical fitness center, I also run the VibrantVarsha YouTube channel, where I share valuable insights and advice on various health-related topics.

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Track Your Progress: Achieve Your Weight Goals with Our Comprehensive Weight Tracker

BMI Made Easy: Calculate Your Body Mass Index for Accurate Health Assessment

Harness the Power of Yoga: Effective Asanas to Regulate PCOD, PCOS, Thyroid, and Menopause

Empower Your Diet: Curated Food List to Successfully Manage PCOS and PCOD Symptoms

Optimize Your Nutrition: Take Charge of Your Thyroid Health with Our Expert-Approved Food List

Smooth Transition: Manage Menopause with Precision Using Our Expert-Recommended Food List

Disclaimer: The results achieved in this program are not typical and vary from person and person.
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